The Secret Enemy of Your Body: Refined Sugar


Nov, 2021

The Secret Enemy of Your Body: Refined Sugar

Refined sugars are sugars obtained by extracting the juice of plants that naturally contain sugar and passing them through many processes. Examples of these sugars are high fructose corn syrup (HFSC), glucose syrup, white and brown sugar. Refined sugars do not contain protein, vitamins, minerals, or essential fatty acids, in other words, refined sugar has no nutritional value. The names of “dekrose”, “dextin”, “sucrose”, “maltose” on the product labels indicate that the product contains refined sugar, these should be considered when reading the label.

Why should you give up refined sugar?

  • To protect yourself against type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart attack risks caused by refined sugar consumption
  • To prevent health problems such as obesity or belly fat
  • To maintain dental health
  • To prevent chronic fatigue, fluctuations in mood and energy, and depression caused by refined sugar suddenly increasing and decreasing energy
  • To maintain the ideal weight
  • To avoid skin problems
  • To prevent fatty liver, which is caused by the storage of refined sugar in the liver
  • To strengthen the immune system

Removing refined sugar from your life is a big and hard step, but there are many natural sweeteners that you can use as an alternative. Instead of sugar that harms your body, you can consume dates, honey, grape molasses, carob extract, stevia plant, coconut sugar, maple syrup, dried mulberry, dried raisins, or dried apricots.

When you quit refined sugar, you will observe many positive developments in your body. We can list these developments chronologically as follows:

After 1 Hour

Although not much change is expected in a short time like 1 hour, depending on the amount of daily sugar consumption, you may encounter problems such as sweating, irritability, and sadness.

After 1 Day

You may show signs of headache or low energy along with severe sweet treats.

After 1 Week

During this period, you may notice positive changes in yourself as your body stabilizes the insulin level and maintains the hormone balance.

After 1 Month

Positive developments will continue, you can observe conditions such as improvement in blood sugar level, natural weight loss.

After 6 Months

You will probably be completely free from your sugar addiction.

After 1 Year

While witnessing the increase in your quality of life, you can observe that problems such as acne and irritation on your skin decrease.

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