Solutions For Fatigue


Feb, 2021

Solutions For Fatigue

Tiredness is a situation where a person feels less focused, tired and weak than normal while doing their daily work.

Major Causes of Weakness and Fatigue:

In addition to sleeping for 9 hours or more, 5 hours or lesssleep creates a feeling of fatigue and weakness.

Exercising excessively creates a feeling of tiredness.

Not having breakfast or passing through can cause the day to start with insufficient energy, and the person may feel sluggish.

Consuming less water causes insufficient energy, and the result is a feeling of fatigue and weakness.

In addition, depression is one of the symptoms of weakness.

Malnutrition leads to low energy and causes fatigue and weakness.

Too much caffeine intake causes fatigue.

As a result of vitamin D deficiency, fatigue and weakness may occur.

Women may feel tired and weak after menstruation or menopause.

Chronic stress can also lead to fatigue.


Exercising and especially walking cause an increase in

oxygen input and output to the body, reducing the feeling of fatigue and weakness in the person.

Minimizing the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes makes the person more vigorous and lively.

Drinking green tea also takes the feeling of fatigue and gives energy.

Drinking a minimum of 1.5 liters of water per day is very important for a person to be energetic.

Regular consumption of nuts reduces the daily energy deficit.

It prevents fatigue thanks to the vitamin A in carrots.

Thanks to the vitamin C in kiwi, it reduces fatigue.

Cereal foods are also good for fatigue and weakness.





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