Psychological Disorders That Are Very Common in Our Society


Feb, 2021

Psychological Disorders That Are Very Common in Our Society

Psychological Disorders That Are Very Common in Our Society

As a society, we forget or ignore that we need to pay attention to our mental health as well as our physical. We have compiled the most common diseases and symptoms in the world, if you are showing the symptoms of these diseases, you can make an appointment with psychologists and psychiatrists on our site.


Depression can be defined as a state of being unresponsive and weak to events that last at least 2 weeks. Sometimes it can be quite easy to overcome depression, sometimes it can make the person to be able to attempt this, which may create a desire to kill himself.

Depression symptoms:

Sudden changes in emotions

Feeling weak, reluctant, and unemotional



Sudden weight changes

Eating disorder

Ignoring responsibilities

Willingness to kill yourself

2.Anxiety (Anxiety) Disorder

Anxiety can be defined as an anxiety disorder related to a continuous situation. If you are unable to control yourself in the face of sudden anxiety, you may have anxiety if you have fatigue, headache, feeling tired.

3.Panic Attack

It is an anxiety that causes sudden nervous breakdowns and sudden anxiety. Sudden and frequent feelings of anxiety, worry, panic and stress may indicate that you have a panic attack. We recommend that you consult an expert in this regard.

4.Bipolarity (Double Personality Disorder)

It is the condition of experiencing bipolar disorder. We can list the symptoms as follows:

Sudden mood swings

Don't be excited all the time

Optimism close to the level of polyanism

Sudden extreme irritability

Problems with appetite

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