Panacea: Herbal Teas


Nov, 2021

Panacea: Herbal Teas

White Tea

  • It is very effective in skin health as it is rich in antioxidants.
  • White Tea
  • It helps in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • It prevents the formation of cancerous cells and plays an important role in brain development.
  • Since the amount of caffeine is less than other teas, it can be a good choice for those who want to reduce their daily caffeine consumption.
  • It helps to reduce tension.
  • It is effective in protecting oral and dental health.

Melissa Tea

  • It has a calming effect and is good for stress and tension.
  • It is good for skin problems such as herpes, insect bites and redness.
  • It is good for digestive problems (gas pains, stomach ailments, etc.).
  • It has the feature of increasing concentration.
  • Relieves menstrual cramps and pains.
  • It is good for the flu and cold.
  • It has analgesic and antipyretic effects.

Rosehip Tea

  • It is especially good for anemia caused by iron deficiency.
  • It has protective properties from eye diseases.
  • It beautifies the skin, prevents the formation of acne, gives shine to the skin.
  • As it is rich in vitamin C, it strengthens immunity.
  • It is good for cold and cough.
  • It protects against cardiovascular diseases. It is effective in lowering bad cholesterol.
  • It helps digestion and is good for stomach problems.

Thyme Tea

  • It is good for respiratory diseases such as cough and bronchitis.
  • It relieves menstrual pains and regulates the menstrual cycle.
  • It is good for problems such as constipation, bloating, and indigestion.
  • It strengthens immunity.
  • It has a curative effect against colon cancer.
  • It prevents bad breath and is good for gum diseases.
  • It helps to lose weight.
  • It reduces anxiety and prevents depression.

Rosemary Tea

  • It is good for constipation and indigestion.
  • It has antiseptic properties, it is good for wounds in the mouth.
  • It strengthens immunity thanks to its antioxidant properties. It provides protection especially against breast cancer.
  • It aids digestion. It strengthens the intestinal flora.
  • Strengthens memory, improves concentration.
  • It is good for migraine pain.


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