Organ Donatation And More


Mar, 2021

Organ Donatation And More

Organ transplantation is the operation of transplanting a healthy organ from a living or dead individual instead of a diseased organ that cannot function even if a surgical intervention is performed. The

transplantation of almost any organ, except the heart, can occur from living to living.

Transplanted organs: kidney, liver, heart, lung, pancreas, small intestine, etc.

Transplanted tissues: heart valve, cornea, bone, bone marrow, skin, etc.

In organ transplantation, the body must show an immune response against the transplanted organ.

It is possible to transplant the removed organs within 24 hours after brain death or heartbeat arrest. Kidney and lung transplantation is possible for people who are still living.

Any individual who is mentally healthy and over the age of 18 can donate organs. More than 1 million patients in the world are waiting for organ transplantation. Organ donation saves lives. You can be hope for 8 people by donating your organs.


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