First Women Doctor: Safiye Ali


Feb, 2021

First Women Doctor: Safiye Ali

Safiye Ali is Turkey's first female medical doctors. She is the medicine of Turkish Women

has been a pioneer in its field. In fact, from these achievements, Google made a special Google search engine for Safiye Ali's birthday.

Her Life Story

Safiye Ali, born on February 2, 1894, is the youngest daughter of a family of 6 siblings. His family has provided many services to the state. She was officially born to serve this community.

The Balkan War that took place as a child caused Safiye Ali to want to be a doctor. After graduating from the American College, she can not study medicine in Istanbul and then goes to Germany to study medicine. When she returned to her country, she opened a clinic in Cağaloğlu. She had many difficulties in the early years of his clinic. Since she is a woman, her clinic has not been visited much. But she did not give up and gained the trust of people. Thus, the number of her customers has increased.

While working as a doctor in Istanbul, she provided services for mother-child health without charging any fees. She once again carved her name in history as the first female lecturer to teach medicine at the first female medical school established within the American College.

She worked in an organization called Milk Drops, on issues such as encouraging women to give milk and child health. She has worked in many organizations. These organizations have been the ones that strive for the Turkish women to have a better place in the society.

She made a time manager in Turkey has been one of the pioneers of the feminist Women's Operation Operations in Turkey. Thus, Safiye Ali has once again inspired Turkish women.

We are proud of what Safiye Ali brought to the Turkish community.



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