6 Fundamental Rules You Should Follow To Protect From The Virus


Feb, 2021

6 Fundamental Rules You Should Follow To Protect From The Virus

Whether you're going out for a coffee or grocery shopping, cloth masks are highly recommended in places where it can be difficult to maintain social distance.

To learn how to safely wear your mask while in large groups, you must make sure you do these steps correctly:

1. Wearing Correctly

The mask should fit your face snugly and comfortably cover your nose and mouth.

2. Fixing

You can fix the mask by tying it behind your head or ear.

3. Layered Mask

The more layers in the mask, the less chance the particles carrying the virus will contact the skin.

4. Ability to Breathe Easily

You should breathe comfortably! :)

5. Hand Washing

Washing your hands before and after putting on the mask is very important in combating the virus! Also, avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes without washing your hands.

6. Regular Cleaning of the Mask

You should routinely wash the cloth mask and keep it clean. If you are using a disposable mask, you can throw it away after 8 hours of use.

We recommend that you avoid using cloths or disposable masks with built-in valves as these masks protect the wearer while not protecting others from potentially infected respiratory droplets from coughs or sneezes.

Take good care of yourself! :)

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