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How can we be sure that our personal data is protected in such an online platform?

You can read our privacy policy and reach on the website clearly, before signing up. So , you can easily understand that we give importance to your rights as well as you do :)

What kind of opportunities do you provide the user with ?

You can meet our virtualogists who provide 24/7 service on the website.

You can also book an appointment from our virtualogists who are expert on their specialty.

You can share your necessary documents for meeting by uploading them into your profile on the website, before meeting your doctor.

Again before meeting your doctor , you can write the assistant of doctor to get answers to your questions about the doctor or meeting.

You can securely benefit from the online meeting platform which is our own.

You can rate and comment on your doctor in 1 day after the meeting.

You can reach any information you are curious about from 'Blog' part of the website.

Are the meetings recorded?

In TalkOnlineDoc, the video and audio content of your conversations can only be recorded if you wish. It cannot be recorded in any way other than your will.

Apart from this, if your doctor needs, he can also take a note of the information about you on the grounds that he may need it later.

In which branches can I reach doctors and make an appointment in TalkOnlineDoc?

TalkOnlineDoc is open to successful doctors in all their fields, there are no restrictions on the branches, but we expect our doctors to meet certain criteria in order to provide you with a better quality service.

If you cannot reach the doctor in the branch you are looking for, you can contact us via the channel you want so that we can find a solution for you as soon as possible :)

Can I turned off my video during the meeting?

Of course, you can turn off your video:) But, we suggest turning your video on ,because it will certainly increase the efficiency of your meeting with doctors..

How can I comment on my doctor or your service?

Your feedbacks are valuable for us, but we create a comment system for you so that it does not happen any sabotage.

You can rate and comment on your doctor in one day after the meeting with your doctor via 'My Appointments' part of your profile. Of course, these comments and ratings can be anonymous if you wish so:)

If my Internet connection drops during the meeting, will I be charged again if I initiate a new one?

Of course no:) You can continue the meeting by indicating the situation to your doctor...

Who can I contact with questions about anything?

You can mail to us via info@talkonlinedoc.com as you also see on the website, or call +90 850 888 2234 to reach us:) Assure about that you will receive quick responses.

How can I make my payment?

You can pay with the credit card or debit card of the banks we have contracted with. You can also pay with your health insurance.

Can I make a video call 24/7 without an appointment with the doctor?

You can make your interview according to the availability of the doctor you want to see.

Can I share the articles on the site from my social media accounts?

You can share by directing directly to many social media sites and applications or copy the link of our articles.

Will Talk Online Doc help me in situations that require me to go to the hospital?

Soon, you will not need to go to the hospital for your measurements thanks to the laboratory technology at home.

Can I meet with foreign doctors?

We carefully select our doctors so that everyone can reach them. Therefore, if the doctor you want to see is compatible with your language preferences, you can of course meet.

Can I upload the data, analysis and x-ray results of my old doctor interviews to the system?

Yes, you can upload files to your profile so that they are always on the system until you delete them, and you can temporarily upload these files to the system before meeting with your doctor.

Can I consult a doctor for a second opinion?

Yes, you can consult our doctors for anything you want.

Can I make a doctor's appointment for other members of my family?

Yes, you can make a doctor's appointment.

Can I talk to the doctor for information before the appointment?

It is not possible to talk to the doctor before the appointment, but you can send an e-mail to the doctor's assistant or consult our support team for information.

Can TOD doctors write a prescription in the online doctor interview?

No, but our doctors can suggest medication without a prescription. Our doctors can refer you for the treatment method or suggest a treatment method.

Can I make an interview to check my interview before I enter the TOD online doctor video call?

We do not have a control video call service. However, when you are disconnected, you can make your calls anytime.

Which technological devices can I make video calls with doctors?

By accessing our website from your tablet, phone and computer, you can make doctor interviews anytime and anywhere.